IMG_2574Stephan Maldonado is a New York City writer and digital marketer. He received his B.A. in English from Cornell University, where he studied creative writing, gender studies and critical theory as it pertains to the study of pop culture.

Stephan has five years of experience writing for the web. He began as a web content writer for 2U, Inc., a rapidly growing startup that partners with universities to bring their degree programs online. At 2U, he created compelling content for prospective students to learn about careers across a range of verticals. Stephan transitioned to the agency side of marketing, including work at Razorfish and Horizon Media. He now works as a copywriter for SHOP.COM.

His background in creative writing, coupled with his content marketing experience, gives him a dynamic voice that is engaging, goal-driven and lends to the versatility of his work. View Stephan Maldonado’s Resume and portfolio to learn about his professional experience.

Writing is the passion that drives everything Stephan does. He recently concluded ten years’ work on the project of his dreams: a Young Adult contemporary fantasy novel in the vein of Constantine meets The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Stephan is actively seeking representation from a literary agency.