Just a Thought

If you follow me on Facebook (my personal profile, not my professional author page), there’s two things you’ll see a lot of. First, you’ll see more than my fair share of inspirational memes/quotes about how life is basically your story, and you’re the author of your own life. You’ll also see me complaining–a lot –about writer’s block. The irony here does not escape me. On a literal level, I experience writer’s block too frequently–so frustrated by my own need for perfection that I’m completely hindered from verbalizing the many ideas swirling through my mind on a daily basis. My creative drought does not stem from a lack of ideas, but from a lack of confidence, motivation, and discipline.

Extending the metaphor to “life”, I find it ironic that I try to adhere to the philosophy that life is a story, yet I’m so erratic in my writing, that sometimes I feel like I’m not even a writer at all. How am I supposed to “write the next chapter of my life”, let alone the next chapter of my book? I have lots of ideas for my life swirling through my mind, yet when I think about planning the next phase of my life, I draw a total blank.

So today, after a productive weekend of writing, I am sitting at my desk and wondering why the hell I’m here, and what my next chapter is going to look like. I have no clue. I have ideas, sure, but I don’t know how to write them down.

So here’s a random thought stirred by the meme below: writer’s block is, literally, just in my head. It’s surmountable, and with enough effort, I know I can completely destroy any of these barriers that keep me from writing. So, why don’t I try applying that principle to life? Instead of waiting for a stroke of creative genius to change the course my life is on, why don’t I  make my own inspiration, and push myself to start writing the next chapter?



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