Shadows, Pt. 3

As terrifying as it is to show your shadows to someone else, it is just as terrifying–if not more so–to have your shadows shown to you. It is a moment of vulnerability beyond your control; when someone who knows you shows you the depth of their knowledge–a knowledge that runs deep into the parts of yourself that you try to hide. A knowledge that runs into your shadows. Your first instinct might be to recoil into yourself–to shield your own self the way a mother shields their baby from the cold. But what would happen if you let that person see your shadows? If there can be no shadows without light, then someone who sees your darkest places must recognize that they exist only because the best parts of you also exist. Someone who accepts your light must also accept your shadow, because there cannot be one without the other. They must recognize seeing your shadows as accepting all of you. And if they cannot do that, then they’d never accept you anyway.


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